Who are you? How does your past life affect your relationships? What cycle are you in? What cycle is coming up? What do your children need from you? Do I have a mission? Explore these and other questions through your natal chart.

In a love relationship, a person acts according to their moon sign, not their sun sign, and you can only find out the moon sign by casting the chart.



Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I know that I speak for Lily and Sil as well when I say that we found our time with you illuminating and insightful. We all have much work to do but are feeling much optimism for the coming year.


Readings can entail everything from past life issues, to relationship charts, to the charts of children. A consult can center on which behavior patterns from childhood, or from past lives, are holding one back from happiness - and also how to resolve them..


According to Karen, we actually live in heaven. There, we have our favorite dog, our favorite blankie, our room and our family. When we prepare to take on an earthly form, we do so in the same way as when we leave home and go to college.
You've just met an astrologer. And you're thinking what goes on at these readings? I mean, can't I just read my horoscope from the paper/in Vogue/online/ from a cookie? What do people ask, anyway? And shouldn't the astrologer know what it is I want to ask? Can she read my mind? What if I can't stop thinking about cookies? What will she think of me?

Will this put me on the right track? Is there a track? Should I give her a call?


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