"People's personalities are often a conglomeration of responses they've thrown together to survive childhood. The chart can show who you really are, and when we act from that, everything begons to fall into place" Thorne

Who are you? How does your past life affect your relaionships? What cycle  are  you in? What cycle is coming up? What do your children need from you? Do I have a mission? Explore these and other questions through your natal chart.  In a love relationship, a person acts according to their moon sign, not there sun sign, and you can only find out the moon sign by casting the chart                                                      

Vogue Magazine
"...Karen Thorne, the astrologist trusted by Manhattan's social set..."   p.660
- Plum Sykes

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New York Magazine
You knew New York was the media captial of the world - and that includes Clairvoyants and Astrologers. An all-seeing guide to the city's supernatural superstars....
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Boston Magazine
Boston Magazine Best Psychic's...
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Bazaar Magazine
FORGET THERAPY, GET A PSYCHIC? Are psychics the new shrinks? Karen Rabinovitz finds out why fortune-tellers are suddenly cool....
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