"Isaac Mizrahi, for one, proudly reels off a list of astrologers and intiuitives with whom he regularly consults.....included, psychic astrologer with whom he speaks by phone"

W MAGAZINE April 2005

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Bazaar Magazine
December 31, 1969

Lauren du Pont, the senior design director a Polo Ralph Lauren's women's accessories, considers her psychic part of her family. "My inner network is my husband, my mom, my dad, and my psychic," she says. "My husband has becomes friends with my psychic; she stays at my house when she's in town; she plays with my 20-month-old daughter and even does readings for her. We do margaritas one day and discuss big decisions the next."

One such decision came a few years ago when du Pont, then single, was having man troubles. "I was in love with someone I hadn't seen or spoken to in two years. I didn't know what to do - call him, pursue him, move on. Karen (Thorne) told me to hang to tight. She said: 'I see a gold ring. He loves you. Be patient and he'll return."

Du Pont listened to Thorne's advice. Two years later she bumped into the man again, married him, and had his baby.

"Psychics are today what therapists were in the '90s. It's not jsut a trend, it's a phenomenon," says Lara Shriftman, a principal of PR firm Harrison and Shriftman, who consults Karen before making certain major business moves. "I go over birthdays with Karen and we look at the best paths that are possible with them." She's so good that I gave sessions with her to friends as Christmas gifts."

At the recent star-studded reopening party of Morgan's Bar in New York City, all eyes were on Karen Thorne, who held court doing astrological readings at a corner table. One of her clients, and actress, called her weekly during a rough period, when her career was on a downward slope. "I looked at her chart and told her if she could keep at her craft for 10 more months, she would make it," Thorne remembers. Ten months later the actress landed a starring role in a weekly NBC drama. Today the actress calls Thorne before every important audition.
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