"Isaac Mizrahi, for one, proudly reels off a list of astrologers and intiuitives with whom he regularly consults.....included, psychic astrologer with whom he speaks by phone"

W MAGAZINE April 2005

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March 04, 2021
As seen in Norma Kamali’s new book Invincible !
April 30, 2020
Business booming for psychics and astrologers during coronavirus pandemic
October 01, 2016
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December 31, 1969
...Karen Thorne, the astrologist trusted by Manhattan's social set...
December 31, 1969
You knew New York was the media captial of the world - and that includes Clairvoyants and Astrologers. An all-seeing guide to the city's supernatural superstars...
December 31, 1969
Boston Magazine Best Psychic's...
December 31, 1969
FORGET THERAPY, GET A PSYCHIC? Are psychics the new shrinks? Karen Rabinovitz finds out why fortune-tellers are suddenly cool...
December 31, 1969
Some presents are unforgettable, whether for the right or wrong reasons.
December 31, 1969
THE BEST NEW YORK HAS TO OFFER - a day in the life of someone who's searching for everything -...
December 31, 1969
Star Couples - who will make it and who won't. Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart...
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