"Isaac Mizrahi, for one, proudly reels off a list of astrologers and intiuitives with whom he regularly consults.....included, psychic astrologer with whom he speaks by phone"

W MAGAZINE April 2005

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Boston Magazine
December 31, 1969
On "Boston Psychic Network" - in Boston Magazine

"Intrigued, I moved on to the next astrologer, Karen Thorne. She, too, is an elegant woman ... . When not consulting for celebrities on Park Avenue, she keeps an enviable house in a leafy nook of Lincoln. A fresh Mercedes commands the garage. Two adopted dogs, Mary Margaret Petticoat and Sweetie, roam a kitchen that's midwestern in dimention. Her refrigerator photos show daughter Callie, who was an actress on NBC's Homicide, and James Gandolfini, a family friend. Among the esoterica in her parlor, which includes Minoan-style pottery, crystals, and books on Maud Gonne, she flaunts snapshots on the more famous elbows she's rubbed. There's Naomi Campbell. Kate Moss. Chris North from Sex and the City. A Saudi Arabian prince. The Clintons.
Thorne is not, however, solely an astrologer. "Unless you combine the psychic and the metaphysical, " she said, "it's my perception that it doesn't bring a healing. Astrology can bring information, but if you don't feel better..." She shook her head.
Making you feel better is Thorne's forte. Her specialty is relationship advice, especially readings for couples, and she cast my wife's horoscope in conjunction with my own. Her first observation was that if I hadn't been writing this article, I wouldn't be consulting her. At $175 an hour, this was patently true. Impressed, I listened further.
"Situations have come up over the course of the year where somebody is abusing their power with you," she told me. "At work, there's an issue you've been wondering whether to take a stand about." I nodded, refllecting on editorial abuse and dental plans.
Thorne's reading was specific. She, too, commented on my frequent-flyer past. She foresaw self-employment and said, " In this lifetime, you're supposed to make money." She offered relationship advice like, " You should ask and give with complete honesty," and " Buy her little gifts all the time." Her enthusiasm about my future was infectious. I left determined to conquer the world and to communicate honestly with my wife about home decorating. We even hugged."
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