"Isaac Mizrahi, for one, proudly reels off a list of astrologers and intiuitives with whom he regularly consults.....included, psychic astrologer with whom he speaks by phone"

W MAGAZINE April 2005

You can also hear Karen's latest updates every Thursday at 5:40 pm EST during The Brian Smith Show, WICC, 600 on your AM dial.
New York Magazine
December 31, 1969
KAREN THORNE 4/21/2003


KAREN THORNE'S SOCIETY CLIENTS INCLUDE members of the DuPont, Johnson, Westinghouse, and Cabot families, and she does admit to meeting with Bill Clinton whom she found "irresistible." A few years ago on Marhta's Vineyard, she predicted that a pilot would crash his plane into the White House. She wrote down her prophecy and gave it to Clinton's Secret Service Agents. When that very thing happened, she got a nice, formal thank-you note.

PHILOSOPHY: "I concentrate on what a person's true self is. If we operate from the point of truth, we cannot lose in any situation."

WHAT TO EXPECT: Thorne resembles an Upper West Side shrink more than a New Age shaman; she conducts readings in her West Village apartment, which is free of any clues to its double life as a psychic's den. She also works out of her home in Boston and has clients-from Hong Kong to Hollywood-who call her for phone sessions. Her abilities include seeing auras, predicting the future and identifying lucky talismans. With a laptop, she checks out your astrological chart, using the time and date of your birth. She then consults her 300-year-old Russian crystal ball.

COST: $175 per reading
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